Mainframe Utilities: Powerful Tools for Maintaining Efficiency and Security

Streamline your operations and data management: Mainframe utilities are pre-written programs that provide essential functions for managing and maintaining mainframe systems. These versatile tools empower system administrators and developers to perform critical tasks efficiently, ensuring the smooth operation of core business applications.

Administration with IBM on-board tools worked well, but with the Beta Systems solution, things have become more refined, less complicated and more convenient for us. Evaluations are available faster than before. Not only do we save time, but we can also aggregate messages across LPAR (logical partition) boundaries.

Clemens Berchtold
System Administrator Core Infrastructure Department, ARZ

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Unlock the full potential of your mainframe environment with our comprehensive suite of mainframe software solutions. Explore how our specialized tools can transform your mainframe operations, providing the efficiency, security and reliability your organization depends on.


Important mainframe IT information made available in one place: XINFO is a comprehensive tool for analyzing and reporting data from a variety of data center systems. Cross-connections between systems can be queried effortlessly.

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SmartJCL, our cost-effective Job Control Language management tool, ensures high-quality JCL checks and enables the creation of error-free JCL code. Discover the easy way to faultless JCL now!

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The change management tool ProcMan helps you automate your IT operations. Effortlessly check, edit generate and deploy workload objects such as Control-M, IWSz and JCL. Optimize your IT workflows from development to production!

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Beta CheckZ ensures data integrity on z/OS, integrating seamlessly with SAP for accurate validation and maintaining consistency across distributed platforms. It enhances operational efficiency by minimizing errors and ensuring reliable data across diverse IT infrastructures.

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Beta Access for z/OS RACF delivers simple administration, monitoring and auditing of your z/OS security system. Securely operate any number of z/OS systems and RACF databases using the administration, audit, analysis and monitoring tools of the suite.

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Operlog Tools

Operlog Tools minimize the risk of accidental system downtime and reduce root cause analysis time. They simplify z/OS log stream management, such as OPERLOG, and enable fast information retrieval with powerful search functions, allowing for quick processing and secure archiving of vast log entries.

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Key Features

Designed to address the unique challenges of mainframe management, our solutions offer a range of powerful utilities that streamline system administration, enhance data security and ensure the uninterrupted performance of essential business applications.

Data Management

Efficiently organize and manipulate data sets, including copying, sorting, merging, and comparing, to maximize their utility. Additionally, maintain data integrity and consistency with specialized data set utilities.

System Maintenance

Simplify system maintenance by automating routine tasks such as backups, security updates, and performance monitoring. Leverage utilities for effective diagnosis and troubleshooting of system issues.

Development Efficiency

Enhance development efficiency by integrating utilities into Job Control Language (JCL) for seamless batch processing, streamlining your development workflows.

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