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From Flexible Identity Management and Software Mainframe Support to Specific Solutions for Digitalization

Beta Systems provides flexible IT solutions for authorization management and mainframe support, automates IT-based business processes, secures access rights and optimizes IT infrastructure management for companies.

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Workload Automation

Streamline your enterprise operations with our scalable workload automation solutions. Gain centralized control over processes, boost efficiency and cut costs!

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Output Management

Solutions for managing, storing and delivering bulk document data on the mainframe. Integrate distributed source systems in addition to dedicated mainframe document formats.

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Log Management

Our comprehensive tools for processing, monitoring and archiving log data help you collect and retrieve job output from leading WLA/scheduling systems.

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Identity Access Management

In today’s dynamic digital era, the necessity for robust security and cyber hygiene makes Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions critical for companies. The Garancy® Suite addresses this by offering streamlined identity management, user authentication and access authorization. This not only enhances security and ensures compliance but also boosts operational efficiency.

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IT Operations Management

Make sure you never lose control again! Infraray BICS provides you with a central platform for managing your entire IT infrastructure reliably and transparently. Discover, manage and control everything connected to your network with Infraray BICS (Business Infrastructure Control System). This modular suite allows you to administer complex network environments in an unimagined level of detail – securely and with ease.

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Mainframe Utilities

Easily manage, monitor and audit your z/OS security system. Operate any number of z/OS systems and RACF databases securely with the help of administration, audit, analysis and monitoring.

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Success Story

Simple User Administration at DEVK – Even Without IT Assistance

Thanks to being able to outsource more and more standard tasks to the specialist departments – which is further facilitated by Garancy® Process Center – the IT team now has more time to tend to core tasks and can administrate a much larger user base with the same number of people.
Success Story

Cecabank Automates Mainframe Administration Tasks with Beta Access

Authorization management at Cecabank: The bank automated its mainframe security and cybersecurity risk management with software from Beta Systems.
Success Story

Bedag Informatik Successfully Implements Beta DocZ

Bedag Informatik output management: A full-featured output management solution that is also very attractively priced compared to the previous tool CA Spool.

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The People

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Exploring the Impact: How a New Team Member Enriched Our Spirit and Became Essential to Our Collaborative Environment

Since April 2023, Jannik has been with Beta Systems, with a decade in IT. Formerly sold backup solutions, now he thrives on exciting software projects and aspires to grow his career with global players.

Insights into the Role of a Working Student in Product Management at Beta Systems

Having joined the team last year, Cinthya was drawn to Beta Systems' modern corporate culture and diverse learning opportunities. As a working student, she gets to handle a range of different tasks which makes here job diverse and exciting.

Navigating IAM Success: Working as a Key Account Manager at Beta Systems

Spanning across Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Karl's daily routine contains of strategic video conferences, interactions with clients, and navigation through the diverse landscape of IAM projects. Patience, diplomacy, and a family-like work environment at Beta Systems shape Karl's journey, where every colleague plays a crucial part.

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