From flexible authorisation management and software mainframe support to specific solutions for digitalisation – find out more about what we can offer you:

_beta access - Control of access to the mainframe

_beta access for z/OS RACF simplifies administration, monitoring and auditing of the z/OS security system. One or more z/OS systems and RACF databases can be operated securely through the suite’s administration, auditing, analysis and monitoring tools.

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_beta check|z - Data Quality Management

_beta check|z, a solution for automated data quality checking under z/OS, reduces erroneous transactions, integrates with SAP processing and automatically checks data for accuracy.

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_beta control - Enterprise Control Center

_beta control is a control centre for _beta job|z. It increases operational security, reduces administration efforts and enables fast access to information in the z/OS backends for non-mainframers.

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_beta doc|x - Central output and archive solution

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and delivering extensive document data regardless of source, format or size.

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_beta doc|z - Output Management & Archive

_beta doc|z is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and delivering large document data on the mainframe.

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_beta job|z - Automate Job Scheduling

Conveniently connect all your distributed servers and the applications to the mainframe and automate across all relevant platforms while saving costs.

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_beta log|x - z/OS Log Management

_beta log|x is a solution for cross-platform and cross-format log data management in your company.

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_beta LDMS|z

LDMS is the central mainframe-based solution for securely processing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and implementing electronic records.


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_beta log|z - z/OS Log Management

_beta log|z allows the secure storage, archiving and provision of the largest amounts of log data or job outputs from workload management.

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With the Identity Access Management Suite from Beta Systems, companies control and monitor access to data and applications according to the individual organisational requirements and specialist role of each user.

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GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager

The ‘GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager‘ provides reports and multidimensional analyses for auditing authorisation structures in the company and identifying potential access risks.

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GARANCY Data Access Governance

Betasystems’ GARANCY Data Access Governance (DAG) module provides a dedicated administration and control module for access to this unstructured data.

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GARANCY Identity Manager

The provisioning module ‘GARANCY Identity Manager’ enables the central administration and control of all user authorisation information (identities, groups, roles) in all IT systems.

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GARANCY Password Management

GARANCY Password Management is used for secure and easy access from computers to different IT platforms or applications in distributed systems.

GARANCY Process Center

The use of governance workflows within the IAM system enables customers to use the ‘GARANCY Process Center’ to digitally design their processes and accelerate all processes related to access rights.

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GARANCY Recertification Center

The GARANCY Recertification Centre enables companies to check the access rights of their users via a web interface and to define responsible persons who are allowed to recertify or revoke assigned rights and roles.

GARANCY System Center

The Garancy System Center allows business users to access and edit Garancy Identity Manager data directly.

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GARANCY User Center

The GARANCY User Center supports the employee lifecycle from hiring to leaving by effectively managing employee permissions and tracking all changes.

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AutomateNOW! is able to take control of and orchestrate, automate and monitor any IT process, whether it is an operating system, database, network service or business report.

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IBM Workload Scheduler Tools

Simplify the operation & use of your IBM Workload Automation products. With the IWS tools you save time, nerves and resources. Graphically display processes & dependencies, change batch-controlled scheduling plans and definitions.

The IWS Tools belong to HORIZONT Software GmbH, a part of the Beta Systems Group.

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Infraray BICS

Discover, manage and control everything connected to your network: administer your network in an unimagined level of detail – securely and easily.

Infraray is part of the Beta Systems Group.

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ProcMan supports and automates changes to scripts or objects for IT automation. It converts scripts and objects from workload automation systems. Integrated versioning and archiving as well as reporting relieve development and accelerate the introduction of new systems.

Procman belongs to HORIZONT Software GmbH, a part of the Beta Systems Group.

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Designing the document processes of tomorrow

Effective document processes and digital archiving with document management solutions from PROXESS.

PROXESS is part of the Beta Systems Group.

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SmartJCL checks the JCL – before submission – for common errors and eliminates problems at the source. This drastically reduces the number of evenings, which in turn eliminates wasted time in a tight batch window.

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XINFO (SmartIS) is an easy-to-use information and information system for important system data in IT production. Through intelligent “readers”, definition or operating data from many system or programme sources could be read in, processed and made available in a way that can be easily searched and analysed.

XINFO belongs to HORIZONT Software GmbH, a part of the Beta Systems Group.

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_codelab focuses on efficient project management that leads to fast decisions, reliable project plans, early results and prototypes.


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