Financial Network Security: Insights from the Finanz Informatik Case Study

Discover how Finanz Informatik uses Infraray BICS to secure and manage the extensive network infrastructure of the German banking sector, ensuring compliance and providing unparalleled network visibility. Learn the key strategies employed in this in-depth case study.

Security and Compliance for Hundreds of Banking Networks

n our revealing whitepaper, we delve into the Finanz Informatik case study and show how they achieved exceptional control and visibility across hundreds of banking networks in Germany using Infraray BICS. With more than 15,000 branches, 24,000 ATMs and 286,000 endpoints, the centralized network access control (NAC) provided by Infraray BICS was critical to ensuring compliance with stringent national and EU regulations.

The whitepaper details the swift implementation process that prepared Finanz Informatik to roll out the service across Germany, providing real-time endpoint visibility and access control. The benefits are clear: enhanced security, compliance with EU banking regulations, and a scalable service model that provides each bank with independent network oversight while maintaining collective security.

Summary of Key Results

  • Infraray BICS provided centralized control and visibility of over 600,000 network ports across hundreds of banks.

  • The solution enabled rapid detection and mitigation of security threats, ensuring compliance with critical banking regulations.

  • Finanz Informatik's deployment of Infraray BICS demonstrates a scalable, multi-tenant service model that's both effective and cost-effective.

Download the whitepaper to learn how Infraray BICS is transforming network management and security in the banking industry and provides valuable insights for any organization looking to improve network oversight.


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