Reference Project: Infraray BICS’ Role in Transforming Network Monitoring for an Industrial Giant

Read our white paper to learn how one of the world's largest industrial giants used Infraray BICS to discover 260,000 network endpoints in just four days, significantly improving their global network management and security compliance.

Only Infraray could profile more than 200,000 endpoints with the necessary quality and scale!”

One of the world’s largest industrial company uses Infraray BICS for real-time monitoring of global network

In this in-depth reference project, you will discover how an industrial giant used Infraray BICS to identify 260,000 network endpoints in just four days, revolutionizing its approach to global network management.

The rapid and effective deployment of Infraray BICS provided the company with exceptional real-time monitoring and improved security compliance, surpassing the efficiency of traditional solutions across its vast and diverse network infrastructure.

This solution created a basis for the implementation of IEEE 802.1X. It also reduces costs by quickly providing exact information about connected endpoints!"

Summary of Key Results

  • Infraray BICS enabled the rapid identification and categorization of over a quarter-million endpoints, setting a new standard for network visibility.

  • The solution's vendor-neutral approach allowed for comprehensive network management, regardless of device make or model.

  • The company now enjoys enhanced network security, real-time monitoring, and precise cost estimation for future upgrades.

Download the whitepaper to learn the strategies and results of this industrial giant's partnership with Infraray BICS, and gain insights that can transform your approach to network management.


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