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Simplify log management with _beta log

Our reliable log management software allows you to effortlessly gather and store log data from any given source.

It offers a comprehensive solution for managing various types of logs, enabling you to efficiently collect and retrieve job output from multiple leading WLA/scheduling systems.

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Auditability and Traceability Made Easy:
Log Management for Your WLA Systems

Workload Automation (WLA) is one of the cornerstones of today’s data center architecture – with WLA systems, IT processes are streamlined, scheduled and orchestrated, bridging the growing diversity of IT platforms. But the growing number of workflows and platforms causes obstacles for the auditability and traceability of IT processes: Every initiated task of a WLA system is creating its own protocol file, called ‘job-log or job-output’.

Job-output contains important information for the immediate or later analysis of the executed tasks. However, the management of the created log files presents some challenges. Each job-output must be safely collected and correlated to its containing IT process, all log files must be stored compliantly for many years and for the efficient retrieval of single events, powerful query and review capabilities are needed.

Take control of your logs today and experience hassle-free and secure log management with _beta log.

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Features & Functions

Comprehensive Solution for Company-Wide Logs

Our log management solution is comprehensive, handling various types of logs beyond just job outputs. We offer fine-grained entitlements for enhanced security in our beta log system. Authentication options include RACF (z/OS version only), built-in authentication, or LDAP. Our solution includes a built-in database engine, eliminating the need for a third-party license. The backend systems can be operated on z/OS or Linux, each with its own feature set. The browser frontends support Chrome, Edge, and Firefox and use a J2EE application server. We have plans to offer cloud and container-based installations in the future for more deployment flexibility.

Capture Job-Logs from Any Platform, Any System

  • out-of-the-box collection of job-logs from leading WLA systems (ZWS, Control-M, Automic, Stonebranch, AutomateNow)
  • Collection of job-logs from z/OS mainframe platforms as well as from Unix/Linux, Windows or cloud-based systems.
  • Wide configuration of log administration structures

Stay Compliant and Audit-Ready with Reliable Log Archiving

  • Revision-proven archiving of all log-files
  • Configurable retention periods
  • Reload and Re-archiving of log files
  • Support of external archiving systems like AWS S3

Easily view, search, and distribute log content with our intuitive platform

  • Browser-based retrieval client
  • Powerful individual or predefined log queries
  • Efficient tabular view on all query matches
  • View, search and distribution of log content
  • Notes and Attachments to steps in log files
Upgrading our workload solution with a Beta Systems log analysis tool means that we now have a comprehensive query system. It answers questions on quality assurance and makes the flow of process chains traceable.

Christian Vaters, IT Team Leader Orchestration Automation Management

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Product Details

Log management solution with powerful functions

Boost Productivity and Efficiency with Centralized Job Log Collection and Management

_beta log comes along with a large number of ready-made agents to various log-sources. These agents allows the out-of-the-box coupling to leading workload automation systems. Each agent automatically collects all produced job-logs of its source-system into _beta log’s central repository. With this, a single installation of _beta log supports the integration of multiple WLA systems from different vendors as well as the central management of multiple WLA-instances.

By unloading the job logs from the WLA system after it was handed over to _beta log, the performance of the WLA often improves, since valuable memory space gets released.

Protect Your Data with Secure Storage and Archiving Solutions for Log Files

Log files are relevant to many compliance regulations: Their undisputable information on the executed tasks makes them valuable ‘witnesses’ of a company’s operations.

With _beta log having an integrated fine grained access rights management, it protects the access and safeguards compliance with information security standards for all logs administrated. The optimized and self-developed database of Beta Systems, that is enclosed in every _beta log, ensures the high-performance but encrypted storage of all log-files. With the optional archiving module, _beta log allows the outsourcing of long-term data also to external systems like AWS S3.

Easily navigate and retrieve log files with User-Friendly Browser Interface

Access to log files is required in an organization by a larger number of different user types – from data center operation to application development to auditors: All these groups need an easy to use but powerful access to log files. But just the search for the wanted log can become the proverbial search for ‘the needle in the haystack’. Therefore _beta log provides a powerful browser-frontend, that helps the user to identify and review the wanted entry. Different to the frontends of WLA systems, _beta log is fully focused on its log management task – no distraction or overload of users takes place by additionally offered WLA features.

With _beta log, the quick access to log-files is easy to achieve via a large set of configurable query-parameters, the user identifies the potential matches and selects one ore several for review. For job logs, WLA-specific Job Information Tables are stored in _beta log and can be displayed upon request. This information helps the user to get an understanding of the log file in the context of its job execution.

Take Control of Log Management with _beta log’s Intuitive Log File Viewer

With the enclosed log file viewer, _beta log offers a variety of relevant log management features to the user.

Sending log files by e-mail, (re-)printing selected parts or managing notes / annotations: _beta log supports the needed business operations for log files. The content of log files can be inspected via full-text queries. Notes and attachments can be added at the requested position in the log-file. All user operations are compliantly stored and archived by _beta view. If needed for certain logs: the file viewer of _beta log can also display data streams in text or hexadecimal format.

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